The Wife’s Revenge.

The inspiration for this tale came when my wife obviously didn’t understand a particular philosophy I had and went about readjusting my thinking.

“I’ll have a sip of beer my dear,”
the wife would always say.
I was not one for sharing see,
she knew that anyway.

The sharing wasn’t my concern,
but would I have enough?
To see me through the whole weekend;
her friends thought I was tough.

“Now if you want a beer,” I’d say,
“why don’t you let me know.
I’ll buy a little extra then,
yes, while I’m on the go.”

No, she would wait ’til Sunday ‘arve,
when I was on the lounge.
Then when the game had just begun,
she started on the scrounge.

“I’ll have a sip of beer my dear,”
which sent me off my head.
“You should have told me Friday ‘arve,
so drink some tea instead.”

“You’re mean,” she’d say, “and selfish too,
you never want to share,
I feel that you don’t love me dear
or even seem to care.”

It was the same old story line
when ev’ry Sunday came.
She knew I would not share my beer,
though asked me all the same.

Then came a weekend I recall
that had been very hot.
Seems all the beer I’d brought on home
I’d drunk the flamin’ lot.

The footy match was not much fun,
no, not without a beer,
When from the kitchen came that voice,
“I’ll have a sip my dear.”

“You know I’ve got none left,” I said,
sarcasm in my tone.
“Then may I have this one?” she asked,
“left sitting on its own.”

She’d somehow found another beer,
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“You’ve Buckley’s chance!” I yelled at her
and ran to claim the prize.

She pleaded, “May I have a sip?
I told you it was there.”
“No way!” I cried and sculled it down.
She whinged it wasn’t fair.

The awful taste it hit me then,
my face went rather white
and laughing with a dev’lish grin
she thought it quite a sight.

She’d found an empty stubby there
and filled it to the brim,
With soap suds from the washing up,
my lot was rather grim.

My greed had been my downfall mate,
she’d fin’ly found a way
of teaching me what sharing meant.
Revenge was hers that day.

From the book A Muster of Verse & Yarns.


Wifes revenge


  1. BTW, If you are doing the fine artwork that accompanies
    your posts, you can check the ‘art’ category too.
    That will give you more tags on Google.


    • Merv,

      You can give him credit if he would like the publicity, and still include your poem in art if you choose.

      Please let him know we appreciate his talent. (and yours, too, of course!)



  2. Merve,

    How wise the wife! haha I enjoyed reading your creative creation. Welcome to the Pub’s blog. It’s nice to read your yarns again.



  3. Witty and great fun and so very well rhymed. I have to actually hide my rich shortcake biscuits, (ashamed to admit I dunk ’em in my morning cup of tea,) otherwise they seem to disappear in thin air.



  4. Hi Merv

    What a clever wife and application of the lesson she thought you had to learn! This made me smile and the voice, cadence and tone of the poem are effectively drawn together to enhance the theme and content with delight and balladic humor. Thank you so much for sharing. I could really picture this one!

    My best,


  5. It was clever Wendy and I fell in hook, line and sinker. I did learn from the experience. Chrissy just had to let me know if she wanted a beer and I was happy to buy her one. Lol. Thanks for sharing.


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