Morning Breaks


Daybreak tosses
her black, starry blanket aside.
Yawning and easing up sleepily
she stretches



she spills radiant rays
beyond a soft, blue-gray horizon
emptying her bucket of brightness.

She launches golden glimmers
through silver-lined cumulus pillows,
boldly breaking the nocturnal connection.

As Daybreak splashes her face,
dainty dewdrops cascade,
delicately covering open fields,
lightly misting mountaintops
with sparkling hues of crystalline shimmers.

Water droplets settle on thin blades of grass.
Rosebuds, petals, and leaves shine, luminous.

Uncurling from nighttime positions,
bundled birds suddenly stir;
swiftly lift bowed heads
to join this morning celebration.

Echoes of sweet melodies
travel through trees,
then waltz through my window
meeting me

as I slowly stretch
quietly tossing my blanket aside




  1. Jan,

    This poem takes all the crinks out of the bones.

    It starts the day with a stretch that embraces the world
    and builds a foundation for good things to come.

    I love the concept of Daybreak splashing her face (with dew).
    It is refreshing and uplifting. I feel it.

    good stuff!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Good Saturday AM, Sarah!

      Here I sit with a cup of slow-sipping coffee, & I’m grading papers. Soon summer will allow the coffee without the work. Looking forward. Yessiree. On another note, is Rich ever coming back to the Pub? His poetry is so fine.
      Thanks for sharing words with me.


      Liked by 1 person

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