A Very Special Day


So my beautiful Mum turned 99 on April 02nd… she is one special woman, in every sense of the word.

As she does every year, she said she wanted no fuss to be made. ‘Those who have always come, and are able to come, will come,’ she said… end of story.

So we gathered to celebrate this happy occasion with family and a few friends. She is and has always been much loved by many and though I might be biased, she deserves every bit of it.

We were concerned that the activity might have been too much for her but she enjoyed every minute of her day, relished the lovely food that had been brought in and at day’s end opened every gift and card that she had received, expressing heartfelt gratitude for every one.

She commented that we were giving her a grand send off… we quickly corrected her saying this was just a trial run for next year.

I consider myself so very lucky to have my Mum alive and in relatively good health. Though frailer now, she continues to be my rock, my confidante, the centre of our family.

She has not lost her quick sense of humour despite the fact that her memory is not as sharp as it once was. She keeps up with the news, both local and foreign, and her kind heart remains as sweet as it ever was.

Happy 99th. year Mummy. May God continue to bless you and us by allowing you to be here with us. We love you.



  1. Maryse,

    Absolutely beautiful! My mom is 92 and oh, so precious to all of us! (There are 7 of us.) Your sentiments in this lovely poem touch my heart.



  2. Maryse,

    What a joy to share this celebration!

    Thank you a million times over for spilling this lovely
    light, this lovely lady, into this poetic home.

    You honor us, and you honor your Mum.

    Thank you,



  3. Maryse. How wonderful for you and your family that you have been granted such a gift. Long may your mother continue to bless your household. Lovely photograph, I can see how her eyes still sparkle.



  4. Hi Maryse

    What a beautiful photo of your Mom and what a beautiful tribute to her presence in your life and your family. Indeed, this is a special day and you capture how very special she is, what she means to you and the unity of all —

    “I consider myself so very lucky to have my Mum alive and in relatively good health. Though frailer now, she continues to be my rock, my confidante, the centre of our family.”

    I ,too, felt this way about my own mother, she was a remarkable woman also! Thank you for sharing this, I truly enjoyed reading it!

    Take care and God Bless you, your Mom and your family.


  5. Thank you Jan… there are just three of us, but she is everyone’s Mum, or Gran or Auntie. Your family, and mine have been truly blessed.




  6. Thank you Douglas, a gift indeed and one that we cherish dearly. Yes that sparkle is still there.




  7. Thank you so much Wendy… she is the centre if our family and I remember that your Mum too was a very special lady.




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