Hunger and Thirst


With splash and speed,

an osprey grabs his fish

aerating the water. Rushes tremble


and a spider plucks

her glistening string

among their wild leaves.


The moment throbs

vibrating in this key

of cool, of green, of granting.


Somewhere else

with grace and sprung legs

gripping the heat


a brown hare

runs through the desert

desperate to find


any moisture. A drop

shimmering clear

on a cactus needle,


a soprano’s note

held long, hoping to break

the Summer’s drought.


  1. Precise imagery in this exceptional poem produces a sense of urgency from beginning to end. I enjoyed the read, Wendy.



  2. Wendy,

    Your work always takes my breath away.

    Imagery and energy and spirituality…and always empathy…
    your signature style holds them all, warmly and with skill.

    Every line of this poem resonates. The last stanza echoes
    like the soprano’s note…

    “a soprano’s note

    held long, hoping to break

    the Summer’s drought.”

    So fine!!



  3. Dear Jan ad Sarah,

    So glad you enjoyed this poem! Your very kind words and lovely insight are so deeply appreciated! Again, Thank you, I always enjoy reading your perspective. It means a lot!!

    Take care,
    my best to you both!


  4. Hi Wendy. I afraid that soprano would have to have good lungs down under at the moment as the country through N.S.W. and Victoria and looking very dry and relief not in sight. So glad my dear wife is a wonder in providing meals as I can’t fly and my fingernails are quite short. Hope life is being kind and good to catch up again.


    • Hi Merv

      It’s good hearing from you!! I deeply appreciate you taking the time to comment on my poem but I am sorry to hear of the drought in your area of the world. Living in the high desert of Southern California, I only know too well the effects and endless days of drought. We had some relief last summer but this year we are at risk again for more lack of rain, fires and dry heat. I hope rain comes your way and I will keep you and your nation in my prayers.

      Hi Maryse

      So glad you liked this one! Your kind words and encouragement toward my writing are deeply valued!!

      My best to you both,
      please take care,


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