2 AM and channel 5 and 102 collide.
Nurses put ice packs under your arms.

A woman’s voice sells youth,
10 years backward if you buy.

Blood glucose 45.
Blood pressure dives under the bed.
For 1 minute I want to hide there, too.

Closed eyes frighten.
A wall clock ticks in the mind.
Miracle lotion keeps you looking 40.
I will you to promise me one hundred and five.

We begin life over and over again.
Hang onto the ledge of the numbers.
Nobody lied.
They just made it look easy.


  1. Kerri,

    One feels the love and the anxiety
    in every line.

    “We begin life over and over again.
    Hang onto the ledge of the numbers.
    Nobody lied.
    They just made it look easy.”

    You really spoke a universal truth in
    that last stanza.

    Prayers and good wishes for Pete
    and for you. One of my prayers is
    that this poem was written during
    a time that he has rallied from (?)
    I know I don’t have to tell you that
    you two matter. I’m here. I’m sometimes
    out in the day, but always home late evenings
    and nights.


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  2. Dear Kerri,

    I am thinking of and praying for Pete & you. As a friend, know that I am here for you as well. Your poetry is excellent. Keep writing & sharing when you feel like it. Take care.



  3. Dear Kerri

    I felt the intensity, fright and love in this remarkably honest and beauitifully written poem. You have a gift for the expression of human experience and the human condition. This is so tangible in its poignancy and its anticipation. I am in awe of your writing here but more also so deeply moved. I send you and Pete, Dear Friend, my prayers, love and concern. I hope things have stabilized by now and I will continue to keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Again, this is a remarkable poem and one that echoes the heart of a true poet!

    Take care

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  4. Dear Kerri,

    This tugs at the heart. I pray that Pete is improving and that you are taking care of yourself, for both your sakes.

    With warm thoughts every good wish.

    Blessings to you both.



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