My Word

Oh where, oh where
can my poetry be?
Inspiring thoughts
fight to be caught,
are grasped by me
in brief captures,
in snaps momentarily.

Every metaphor
hides behind a 
No Entrance door.
I don’t wish to play
with similes anymore.

There’s no
gathering of words
to coin fun phrases;
there’s refusal to reform
any form.

A stanza? Who am I kidding?
In this no-writing-time haze?
I stand with this far-away gaze.
They’ve left me? I’m amazed.

Not long ago
this wasn’t so.
It seemed words
stood by their words
quite naturally for me.

This loss is confusing.
In this time I should be musing.
Instead I’ll admit to this
aggravation, my hissy fit,
which I’m choosing.

I’m not content
with complacency,
this extended mind’s vacancy,
creation’s vacation.

My elation? Not one little bit.
My words.  Leaving me? How absurd.
What a strange distractibility.

Oh where, oh where
can my poetry be?
Oh where, oh where
can my poetry be?

My words. My word.


  1. Take a bow!


    Your fluent pen shines even during your professed snit with your muse.

    Way to go!

    Much enjoyed this laughing lament that is sure to stir all our latent muses into
    a bevy of action.

    Top of the morning to you. Good to share a cyber cuppa with you this morning.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Good AM, Sarah,

      I sip Saturday coffee with you in these same moments. (Clink, clink) Top of the morning to you. Presently I am writing a paper for my graduate class. These last two Pub posts are the teacher’s commercial break from schoolwork’s cognitive tasks. (Well, the poetry scripts are cognitive tasks, too, just at a different level of cognition. I needed something lighthearted to think about.) I don’t mean to “hoard the board” by posting 2 poems back-to-back. The poetry-sharing is a release for me. I just needed to spill, & the Pub got it. I’m so thankful for my relationship with writing & nature photography. I’m grateful for opportunities to share both here.

      Thank you for your kind words & friendship through writing.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Jan,

        Please post as many poems as your heart would share. Back to back, side to side, even in a circle if you are so moved.

        Happy Saturday ( a sunny one here and the coffee is great!)


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  2. We, posters at our Pub, publish when we’re inspired. This I know & commit to when sharing. When inspiration leads, we, writers, follow. Onward we go.



    • Hey Kerri!

      Take off on that thought, (“creation’s vacation”), & write a poem Happy Spring to you, my friend. Bloom.



  3. Hi Jan

    A stanza? Who am I kidding?
    In this no-writing-time haze?
    I stand with this far-away gaze.
    They’ve left me? I’m amazed

    Yes, I have been there recently, unable to write something new for over two months — and I kept asking myself the same questions you present here and throughout the poem. It’ is so annoying when the muse goes off on a vacation and leaves one feeling stranded, struggling for an idea and words to construct that theme, to breathe life into its stand-still presence. This brought a smile to my face but also gave me the empathetic nod I needed. Luckily, my own inertia has shifted and I am writing some new things. Good Luck with all your writing endeavors!

    Take care

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    • Hi Wendy,

      It’s funny how the nudge to write nudges or —doesn’t nudge us. We can’t always steer the inspiration. Sometimes we get in the way. To me it seems Inspiration has a switch; that switch is either OFF or ON. It’s magical & challenging to accept when it’s not magical. The poem’s arrival is quite an experience. So glad we get to share in this wondrous wonder—WRITING. Take care. I’m going to inspire some dreams in some Zzzzzzztime. Good night. See you in the morning.



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