Some Caesars

~ Arcem facere e cloaca.

Some Caesars cannot conquer
so they steal behind a wall.
Some Caesars in all forums wail
“The unfairness of it all!”
Some Caesars praise God’s Justice
while they covet others’ wives
and pray corrupted pardons
will translate their afterlives.

All Caesars die. One, sometimes,
dies unworthy of the name:
and when that Caesar goes
the justice is he goes in shame.


  1. MAH,

    And JCH used to call me a “Classicist.” LOL


    Somebody’s brass balls melted. Cicero, Horace . . . there’s gotta be a good Latin translation for that somewhere.

    Too bad he’s not Chinese and in China. Then he could profess to be Buddhist.

    There . . . now you got me sinning. Matthew 7:1. But then I came to your fine poem a sinner already. Since you have the Latin going: Deus propitius esto mihi peccatori.

    We swing into Spring on the upper half. My peace to you, fratri, and the denizens of the lower.


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  2. Mark,

    Your philosophical poem is relevant and evocative. In politics and reality, I think
    there is always collateral damage.

    On another note, it is pure joy to see the two Marks exchanging banter and wisdom. It brightens this sunless day.


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  3. When in doubt, bread and circuses; works every time. As far as I’m concerned the world stage is like a ruddy Punch and Judy show at the moment. I’m waiting for the moment when one of our great ‘leaders, will dress up as Punch and scream, ‘that’s the way to do it!’


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