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5,000 Doings


On Monday there are 1,000 things to do.
To do? To do. What else is new?

On Tuesday there are 2,000.
We know it’s true. Eeewww.

On Wednesday there are 3,000.
We’re half-way there. Hullaballoo.

On Thursday there are 4,000.
Could a day off possibly renew?

On Friday there are 5,000 things.
The work week’s almost through.

The opposite could be true.
We could have nothing ever to be doing;
we’d wipe 5,000+ tears in all the boo-hooing.

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The weekend escaped me, and here it is Monday morning before we share a cyber coffee.
I hope your weekend was peaceful. I think that you will never weep for having nothing to do;
so many super interests, so many poems to share. I’m thinking you will be busier than ever
on the distant day when you retire.

As for this poem, it has your signature bounce in the step and air of gratitude. It is a winning
combination and has produced another poem that lifts the spirits and puts things in the proper

Thank you!


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I, too, find myself too busy, often with work-related doings which overlap and become a long list–especially these days as the academic year has about 8 weeks left. My poems fly in as commercial breaks. 🙂 This one is an oldie. Even after all these years the mood in this poem is the same. I’m pretty sure this was written about this time of the academic year. It’s a bittersweet pull in teaching’s work. It can be magical at times & difficult at the same time. Somehow we pull it all off, & those doings get done. Summertime, like a long, overdue recess, arrives in the nick of time. Thanks for reading & commenting. Now let’s meet Monday, a day for fresh starts in the classroom.


Remember as children, when we had nothing to do but be a child? Those are the memories, even though we do not perhaps have full conscious awareness of them, that still occasionally shine through in every busy life and give us pause and perhaps a little peace of mind.

My mother always said goodnight to my brother and sister and I with the words, ‘sweet dreams, see you in the mornings.’ We wished for nothing more.


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Your comments warm my heart. I remember, too, such fond childhood memories of pleasant bedtimes & mornings in our loving family. Those prayers & well-wishes before bedtime warmed us like blankets. Sweet memories.



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