Photography poetry

Air Dancer


Bright pinks
Lure your landing
Black Swallowtail Beauty
Momentarily you pause flight
To rest like this must be quite heavenly
How heavenly to view your wings
Caught in sun’s golden glow
You lured to lush
Bright pinks

3 replies on “Air Dancer”


Poem and photo have me celebrating Spring
even though the snowflakes are flying outside.

You have created a glorious farewell to winter
and a delightful hello to Spring.

One more favor, please…could you send some
of those blooms and butterflies our way?



Hi there. Weather patterns have been quite unusual for quite some time now for many areas. I’ve not experienced a winter holding on for so long like this. Our temps hover in the 50s right now–just cool enough to still need a sweater, scarf, or jacket. Early spring keeps trying to kick in, & Old Man Winter keeps kicking the new season out! It’s time now for spring to unpack & settle in. Welcome, Spring!


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