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Jammin’ in May (Well, April this year…)


It’s that time of year again. I’m making Strawberry Jam. This year’s jamming season is early—arriving in April, even after an unusually-cold winter. Here’s an oldie written years ago.

Be Bop
Doodly Hop
Jammin’ in May!

Be Bop
Doodly Hop
Jammin’, Hey!

Time to do
somethin’  special today.
It’s jammin’ time.
Happens every May.

Gather strawberries.
Bring ‘em to me.
Green-capped fellas
Gotta a job you see.

Cut fresh berries.
Throw ‘em in a pot.
Add sugar, Sure Jell.
Keep it real HOT.

Bubbles start a-bubblin’,
not a minute too long.
Radio’s a-playin’
a favorite Oldies song.

Hot jars are ready.
Lids and bands are, too.
Won’t be long
‘fore the cookin’s through.

Listen to the sound.
What do you hear?
You gotta be close;
you gotta be near.

Sittin’ on the counter.
Waitin’  ’til it’s set.
Have you heard it?
Has it happened yet?

Shhhhhh.  Listen.
It won’t be long.
You’ll get to hear
a jam-up song.

Another tunes a-playin’
Be Bop! Be Bop!
Lids are  gonna join in
with their own special Pop!

Pop! Pop!

The music’s great
in my kitchen in May.
Strawberry Season,
how I wish you could stay.

Be Bop
Doodly Hop
Jammin’ in May!

Be Bop
Doodly Hop
Jammin’,  Heyyyyyy!

4 replies on “Jammin’ in May (Well, April this year…)”

This one brings back memories, Jan,

Those jars sitting on a counter cooling, popping,
and woe is me if one didn’t.

You’ve captured the music, you’ve captured the fun.
There is something to be said for whistling while you
work. I vaguely remember a farm house without
air conditioning, and a wood fired kitchen range,
and the work. It is all a matter of perspective and
you have put the right slant on this one.

It is a joy!


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Happiness personified. Lifts a dull grey day and brings fond memories of strawberry picking with my children, which now seems, oh so long ago. Nothing like the taste of home made strawberry jam.



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