Faces and Footsteps

Poor old lady set her aside

She waits for familiar faces familiar footsteps

Days are long… Lonely

Did you care that she was hungry

Not for food… but for the faces the footsteps

Who wants to listen to her

her stories are so long (but so delightful)

Sometimes you hear them again and again

Can’t you see she loves her stories

It makes her feel young… Loved… Wanted

Pain like needles and pins pierce her thoughts

thru her minds canyons…

she sees those faces hears those footsteps

She smiles in sleep

a soft breeze… brushes her cheek

Someone’s fading shadow

Fading face, fading footsteps

She awakens alone

Left in the ruins of her dreams

8 replies on “Faces and Footsteps”

Thanks Sarah these are old poems but new to some. How can I read comments from people about my poem
I have about 20 minutes free to read and comment on others
Thanks again



Unfortunately, most people just click on ‘like’ and don’t leave a comment.

The comments will always appear beneath each of your poems, just where you
found mine.

We would like it so much if everyone would comment.



Hunger has many forms. The longing for a familiar face, a smile, someone to talk to and who in turn will take the time to listen, goes deep, deeper often than an empty belly; yet it doesn’t take much to fill the need.

This is such a compassionate and thoughtful write.



Douglas thank you for your nice reply. As I age I can feel how deeply my mother loved but missed her family
more than they even knew


Quite moving, Deb.
I can picture her waiting for those faces
and footsteps that never come.

Glad I got to read this today.

take care,


This is poignant Deb… lovely to read you again. I used to visit various aunts in homes and I met so many older folks who were exactly like you wrote… longing for company, a familiar face, a chat.




Hi Deb. I visit several people from my church that are in nursing homes.
I see this so often. Faces waiting for someone. I try to note some that
seem to have no visitors. I take a card, a single flower, a bit of candy
( I check for dietary restrictions first) and their faces light up. Your words
bring the sadness of loneliness to light. We all need someone to care.
I have retired, and enjoying being back among poet friends. Hope to see
more of your work soon.


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