For You at 92

*For Momma, age 92

A gorgeous gardenia’s plush petals,
posed as stark-white snow clusters,
sparkle like diamonds in slanted sun.

How glorious to view each petal,
marvelously-made, unfolding
naturally, dispelling sweetness
in springtime’s stunning season.

You, my mother at ninety-two,
wonderfully-designed by our Maker,
are like the gardenia, a floral wonder.

Yet, your blooming season is year-round.
Your warm welcomings are ever-lovely.
Your “Come on in. Let’s share time.”
are cozy and comforting invitations,
constant reminders which others crave.

Your spiritual gifts illuminate
our Father’s purposeful plan—
sharing Love’s everlasting, lingering light.

Your legacy is fulfilling with full promise.
Your smile reassures us in these ebbing days
and lets us know, “It’s all—it’s all—all right.”

“Momma, oh, Momma, your legacy is candlelight.”






  1. Jan,

    From beginning to end your poem (and your Mother) captures the heart.
    It is that last line that clenched the deal. Oh what glorious love. What a
    beautiful pen, what a beautiful poet and poem.

    A splendid Easter gift for your Mom and for all of us who read your poem.

    Thank you!



    • Thank you, Sarah. I’ve been thinking of you & the Pub. ((Is everything okay?)) We had a family get-together this evening with Momma in celebration of that great birthday. She’s really 92! She made satin pillowcases and strawberry jam this week! What stamina! Take care. Happy Easter to you, Sarah.


  2. Happy Easter, Jan,

    What a joy…satin pillowcases and strawberry jam. That is a grand celebration
    for any day, but such a special joy at Easter time.

    Things were not okay, but they are getting there…I got hacked…my computer,
    my bank account (via my computer) my credit cards (same route)…all protected
    so it ended up not costing me very much at all…the price of a computer, and, I forgot
    to mention, the repairs to my car (can’t blame that on the computer..: ) That was bad
    driving..but it’s fixed too. As for the $75 car key and the check book I lost….really not the
    computer’s fault but I’m lumping it all in together under the big heading of Stress. I’m
    ready for a serene Easter Sunday!



    btw, please tell that travelling woman I say Happy Easter.


  3. Hi Jan

    What a beautiful picture and beautifully moving tribute to your Mom. God Bless her! I love the way you compare the beauty of the Gardenia to that of your mom’s spiritual character and soul. Her generosity, wisdom and strength, like the flower, are multi-layered and part of the garden that keeps inviting you in and cultivating the richness you share as mother and daughter. I can feel the beautiful bond between you and deeply appreciate this poem — as it reminds me of my own remarkable mother and the relationship I shared with her.

    Thank you for this!,
    Happy Easter


    • Hi Wendy!
      Your thoughts are beautiful. Thank you. This lil’ lady means the world to me. She’s devoted to her loved ones—and I’m one of those, a lucky one! I’m happy this brought memories of your mother. I love when our shared words do that. Happy Easter, Wendy. I hope you’re continuing to heal.


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