Like a Bradford Pear tree
bursting with snowflake puffs on winter’s branch

Suddenly comes fast.

Like a streetlamp
sensing exact timing to turn brightness off, then on

Suddenly comes fast.

Like a newborn
knowing when to arrive with life’s first grasps, first cries

Suddenly comes fast.

Like a human heart
handling skipped beats, the extra rhythms,
making eyes take second, third, or fourth looks

Suddenly comes fast.

Like an ocean breaker
rippling to a perfect place
delivering timeless treasures
from ebbing and flowing tides

Suddenly rushes in
and changes everything.

Like jigsaw puzzle pieces
can’t-fit parts cannot be forced.
Suddenly changes everything.
Just like that.
What? Rearranged.
Repositioned? Reframed?

No. No matter which way one turns nothing fits
as Suddenly, uncomfortably-fashioned, unsettles.

Suddenly unsettles everything.

Eyes close. Head bows. Clasped hands cup chin.
Prayers are mighty—standing on stilts now.

Suddenly comes fast
and steps away  s–l–o–w–l–y
with all the secrets



Answers are swept away in brisk breezes
in wild, wild winds long gone.

All of a sudden

there is a realization of
how powerful Suddenly is-
in healing hearts
of those who are left
as the aching echoes

How I loved you.
I love you.

these words
are forever’s promise
entrusted as treasure

deep inside.



  1. Dear Jan,

    I feel the pain and the faith in these lines that move me beyond words.
    This poem is dynamic in its impact and innovative as a vehicle of healing
    and praise, and tribute.

    This one is a Best of the Best for sure.

    My mind is racing, and I’m praying for you and yours.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Sarah, All is well. Often our poems display a mix of emotions, and some of those emotions tie to our real selves. Some are ‘innovations as a vehicle’ to transport layers of other emotions not tied to self. I like your phraseology–“innovative as a vehicle”. Where did this come from? Hmmm, I actually saw the one-word challenge for Suddenly in the WordPress feed today. Then my mind started wandering as I listened to quiet music. And suddenly there was a new poetic creation. To me it seems a bit busy. As I reread it I see pain and faith, too. There is a definite pull of emotions. Glad you visited here today.

      Liked by 2 people

      • “innovative as a vehicle”…Jan, I wanted to recognize both the message and the mechanics. I’ve never heard the phrase before, but it popped into my head when I considered the mechanics of your poem. This one is definitely top shelf all the way.

        I am so thankful that all is well.


        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jan,

    Was glancing over the front page and the photo with this poem really stands out.
    The light playing over the bloom creates a spiritual experience and matches so well
    with the tone of the poem.


    Liked by 1 person

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