Spring’s Spin


spring is not
colors change
a beautified jolt spins the
world hyperactive


  1. Hey, Sarah!

    This day was absolutely gorgeous—not just my sister’s birthday but a Saturday, that ever-popular freed, weekend day! I spent hours outside! Our weather seemed to flip straight to Springtime today. Birds, bees, butterflies, ants, bugs, etc. all came out to join the celebration outdoors. I, of course, enjoyed time with Canon, my camera. When I read your poem, Circular, I was reminded of mine, Spring’s Spin. So you nudged/influenced this post today. haha It’s always nice to share a cyber cuppa with you, my friend. (or “frined, firend, or freind” as my 2nd graders like to spell it) Sometimes I just advise the use of something simple like “pal”.



  2. Hi Jan

    Perfect title and these lines say so much about the vitality and inspiration of Spring

    a beautified jolt spins the
    world hyperactive

    Yes, the world and the human heart becomes hyperactive with color, bloom and the sense of renewal that can make all things aimed for possible.

    Thank you for this,


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