Why Is Grandma Always Smiling?

A 7-year-old boldly asks,

“Why is my grandma always smiling?”

“It looks like she’s smiling all the time.
She smiles when she’s driving the car.
She smiles when she’s washing dishes.
She smiles when she’s holding my hand.
Why? Why is my grandma always smiling?

The teacher offers a quick reply:
“Learn from her. She’s happy. That’s why.”

(The teacher has pondered the child’s question since then.)
Why is a grandma always smiling? I’ll turn the tale—poetic.

Here’s what I think in aftermath of our conversation:

“Well, Child, maybe Grandma knows a secret.
Maybe she has lived enough to know.
Her face knows well what’s in her heart.
Her face carries the gleaming glow.”

Why is Grandma smiling?

(It’s a goosebumps-on-arms kind of question.)
Grandma knows something special
while she holds a steering wheel, a dish, and a hand.

She seeks particular paths.
She finds particular pathways
to Peace.



  1. Peace comes from the inside and it is a beautiful sense.


    This poem speaks for itself, and most beautifully.
    To recognize peace, one must know peace…You most surely do!



    • Hello Maryse,
      Thank you for some praise about this. The child’s question made an impact.
      Wisdom in grandmothers is alive and true. When there is a smile on Grandma’s face, we know that she is inviting others to learn more & more about peaceful paths. And we feel drawn to those warm ways. Nice to see you today. Take care.



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