I’m dreaming of greens—ferns, lawns, leaves, sprigs, sprouts,
shoots, seedlings—displays of  fresh starts. Oh, gorgeous greens.
Winter, you’ve etched and sketched your display astonishingly.
You, Dear Gray One, have made your seasonal mark—A+ you get.

As seasons’ sentiments collide in times of gray,
I longingly stare at paper-bag brown lawns,
empty planter’s pots, and spindly, leafless limbs.
Embracing a comforting dream as balm for a soul,
I’m soothed by the word green. I replay wishes
like a song in my heart. New-life limes. Greens.

Give the seasons four. Beautiful they are. Encore!
Thank you, Winter, for graphite grays, wedding whites,
most-memorable icy transparencies of a stark décor.

I’m waltzing in fields of flowers, delightedly roaming row by row.

My heart is full of wishes. Renewal. Dreams of gorgeous greens.
Spring, you wonderful thing! Oh, Spring, today? I love you more.



  1. Hear! Hear!


    A favorite for sure. Your poem makes my heart sing.

    I’m right there with you “waltzing in fields of flowers, delightedly roaming row by row”.
    I love everything about this one!


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    • Dear Sarah,

      As 2 writers sharing all kinds of scripts over some years, I can say, too, we have shared all kinds of different seasons. This season has truly been WINTER around here. How we all welcome those early signs of springtime. I always look forward to seeing the very first Snowdrop–no, not precipitation. It’s a small flower. Take care, & Happy Weekend.


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  2. ” I replay wishes
    like a song in my heart. ” I know the feeling. Your contrasts between the greens of spring and the grays of winter created photographs in my mind. To love both, all, seasons, yet just before the end of one, we are wishing for the next one. You said it. I see it. Thank you.


    • Dear Ptc,

      We do share some commonalities—love for fashioning words & waiting for slants of sunlight to capture images with our cameras. We love the 4 seasons, too, as those 4 time-slots are backdrops for inspiration for both hobbies–writing & nature photography. You are an inspiration to me.
      It’s nice to see you at our Pub. Keep sharing your stuff—which is always a treat to find.



  3. Casting away the greys as I read this Jan. Already, the early spring crocuses are blooming, little clumps of white and gold hope set against the backdrop of those’paper bag’ brown lawns and empty planter pots you so aptly describe.

    Won’t be long now before the green returns to full strength, and I for one can’t wait.


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    • Hello, Douglas,

      It’s nice to see you here at the Pub. It’s been an interesting winter as we’ve experienced a harsher side of this season than usual. It’s been somewhat enjoyable as change of weather renews the landscape & attire. I’ve actually been able to wear thicker scarves & sweaters that I’ve had a long time. Thanks for reading & replying here. Take care.



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