A Penchant for the Absurd

Waiting for something…

for better weather

for our ship to come in

for peace

for wisdom

and waiting for the paper…

News that is.


Who knew

we would be

where we are?

Who could say

where we are going?

How will we know

when we get there?

I fear, my friend,

if the trend


our destination is clear

and we’ll know

when we get there.


  1. Hi Sarah

    What intrigues with this poem is the “absurd” and that takes me to the condition or state of our present cable news — fake? real? slanted? divisive? And how true, we are headed nowhere except into the absurdity of arguing for sake of ambition and political bias – and that becomes arguing for the sake of egotistical arguing. No one wins and we begin to ask these questions —

    Who could say

    where we are going?

    How will we know

    when we get there?

    And the answers are unclear but the clarity is this, if we do continue on this course of nonsensical hysteria, falsehoods and opinionated broadcasts ( based on political sides), we will endanger our unity and our ability to filter out the truth. Well Done, so well done this poem and timely!

    Thank you,
    my best

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  2. Sarah, you express a heaviness I feel; but you do it with the lightest of touch. The scarcity of words say so much of what I feel when the news becomes a noose dragging us where? and why? Thanks for expressing dilemma with certainty ” we will know… ”

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