Household Lightning


Wrapped in the silk garden

of a sari, Nuli blooms in dosmestic poise.

She learns from her mother

and older sisters in the family

to silence her anger


and keep it in corners where cobwebs

straggle along the wall. Barely visible

until they catch the light. A spread of nerve endings


that flares, its tension glistening

while the women grow taller; their shadows casting

an impression on the hard —

wood floor.


  1. Wendy,

    I love the way you give such authentic presence and voice to your subjects.

    “domestic poise” is such a grand phrase. It says so much!

    Brava for another one that sits so high on the top shelf.



  2. I like the image of the sari being a silk garden.
    And the contrast between the peaceful look and feel of the sari
    and the spread of the nerve endings, the tension building
    with the holding in of emotions considered unacceptable to express.

    Much enjoyed.
    take care,


  3. Dear Sarah and Kerri

    Thank you both so much for your kind words and keen perception regarding this poem!! I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and am glad you enjoyed the poem!

    Take care


  4. Dear Wendy

    If only stoicism were its own reward … perhaps it is when the stature of women of such strength grows taller in proportion to their reserve.

    This is delicate and understated yet firm … like Nuli 🙂




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