Photography poetry

Clickety Clack

A distant train




moves forward.
It won’t go back.

Whistle’s mellow
Bellows in spurts.
A church bell, afar, peals,
graces space with the amazing.

Cardinal chats his chipper chirp
Front-porch chimes cling-clang.
As dancers they swoop, then sway.

Now, Sounds,


     signals are clear.

Could you outline it all for me
like footprints in fallen snow?
Show me. Tell me. I’m listening.

Which way, which way do I go?  

6 replies on “Clickety Clack”


What a delightful turn at the end.

Now, starting at the beginning, the picture is perfect.
The parallel slats in the blind remind me of rail road tracks.

The bells gracing the space, not just amazing but amazingly lovely.

The cardinal adds a beautiful splash of color.

And the end, a grand turn (I know, I already said that, but I think
it is spectacular, so I’m saying it again.

Love it!


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Dear Sarah,

I had no train picture & knew the sunlit blind could work. I like that you associated the railroad tracks to the parallels in the blind slats. To me the burst of sun, too, offers that unfailing light which lifts our steps daily. Thank you for sharing poetry.


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I can hear the church bells filling the space,
see the sway of the wind chimes
as the speaker in the poem is contemplating,
waiting for a sign, an answer.

Much enjoyed reading.
take care,

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Dear Jan

This is an eloquent meditation on sound and its endless intersections with language. Striking phrasing (“graces space with the amazing” — a deft evolution) combines with delicious ear and eye rhyme and assonance throughout.


Best wishes,


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Dear Mark,

I enjoyed writing this poem. Your comments are appreciated. They also encourage me to get back in a poetic mood to create more writings. (as inspiration/time permit) Thank you for your comments. You selected my favorite phrase. (How did you know? haha) It’s nice to share the poetry.



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