An early-morning breakfast
shared with sun, son, and hubby
warms me through and through
in chills of a frigid wintertime.
Unlike any other comforters
warmth of delicious food
and pleasant conversation
comforts body and soul hunger.
The cozy restaurant’s sign,
SunnySide, stirs a settled smile.
That same sign dwells inside me,
marks my heart, the keeper of
all deep loves – you, you, and you.
It’s easy to share this settled smile
as our waitress wandered through,
“May I top off your coffee?”
“Yes, thank you.”


  1. Jan,

    This is blissful. I have had a hectic day today and have not had time to sit down
    to a meal (I nibblled on some left over baked fish somewhere around ten this morning.
    When I saw that breakfast platter, the juices began to gather, the taste buds begin
    to dance, and then I read the poem. I love it. Joy is your signature. You write in
    such a way that it transmutes any mood to a better one.

    And now, I’m going to fix and omelet. Thank you!!

    I’m sharing a cyber cuppa with you as I type.


    Liked by 1 person

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