You toss a pebble: air unfurls


then a raw satin ripple


spreads across the shaded pond,


widening jade


gyred in this circular calm.


We die a beauty-death.


Pierced by a heaven far-removed


that baffles & dazes.


We are but a jot of being


bathing in that radiant pleasure.


Too soon we return to our regulated lives


& realize we’ve forgotten


an easy map to paradise.



6 replies on “contemplative”

Dear Kallie,

You have a magic pen! This poem gives the reader such a sense of being
there. Graceful and gentle and oh, so very wise, “contemplative”
slows the world and lets the natural order of things soothe the soul.
It is so good to have you back in your chair at the Pub’s fireside. We miss
you when you’re not here!

I am a huge fan of Eastern influenced poetry. Thank you for this one!



Hi Kallie

So lovely and reflective this piece — indicative of Asian thought and verse/ And yes, we toss our thoughts in a a pause of moment of repose like that pebble into a pool of thought. We are transported momentarily to a silent paradise and then return to our routine. But for that moment, we are uplifted and transformed. You capture this with your poem!!

So much enjoyed!


The key seems to lie in being able to bring a reflective moment back into the buzz of that regulated life. When we are fortunate enough to do that, we progress as human beings – but it isn’t as easy as it should be.


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