Photography poetry

Tug O’ Time


will you stop bugging them,
asking ones to always look back?
Your time has zipped, leapt, fled.

will you start joining them?
They’re asking for twenty-four hours
for there’s much to know, do, and see.

will you quit irritating them,
pulling them toward your desires constantly?
You’re not assured, promised, nor guaranteed.

You, Elements of Time,
need to practice patience
with harried human beings,
as the poor ol’ souls seek to
balance tensed-time requests
for health, hope, and happiness.

9 replies on “Tug O’ Time”

So true.
Nothing is guaranteed for tomorrow.
One is better off living for today
and finding contentment in the right now moments.

Enjoyed the read.
Hope you are staying warm!


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Hi, Kerri,

Brrr, what a winter we have! I like it though—the cold temps truly help one to appreciate that warm cup of cocoa or hot cuppa joe. We’ve been fortunate to keep our pipes a-pipin’ & the heat a-heatin’ in our recent winter storm. Blessed we are. Thanks for reading & replying. Nice to see you today.




The photograph on this one really captured my soul.

I love the wisdom and wit of the poem too. So good
to share a cyber cuppa this snow-swept morning.
(actually, it’s more buried than swept, but it’s beautiful!)

Stay warm.


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It’s nice to share our cyber cuppas with Pub-Blog poetry on this wintry Saturday AM. Brrrr, our wintertime is making its mark this year. Our southeastern seasons are normally mild; however, this one is not. I do welcome a few days of snow during wintertime. Last week we received almost 3 inches of snow. It was beautiful! The snow covered icy roads and caused cancellation of school for 3+ days. Awww, that wasn’t too bad, either. Everybody loves a recess! 🙂
Stay warm.

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I have been more surprised by the South’s winter than by ours.
We expect the cold and the snow, but it’s a shock to think
of Myrtle Beach and the Outer Banks as habitat for snowmen.

Stay safe.(and warm)


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It surprises us, too! We’re not sure how to act nor react as even a mild snowstorm closes everything down around us. Our grocery-store shelves have very little bread & milk to offer once the meteorologist advises prepping for snow’s arrival. It does makes an exciting wintertime, especially if electricity stays on, pipes remain unfrozen, & blankets keep us warm. Oh, & if there’s enough bread & milk for the storm’s duration.


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When supplies run short, invention flourishes.

Some left over bones for broth and some flour for dumplings turns into a delight .

I could live on snow cream but industry has made that an impossibility in this area.

As for those pipes. Oh, pray they do not freeze..that can take the fun out of a day.


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