A large hawk lands on a bough

and begins cleaning her feathers.

First the right wing then the left.

When finished, she remains

on the blue awning of pine

and inhales the wind. Its breath


a mix of balsam and snow melt

that has been trickling

throughout the mountains.

What lasts and what dissolves

in the veins of tree or rock.


I like to think of the day

as that raptor settling down

and plucking any stress from her plumage

of hours. And then with her, we rest

watching dusk branch into shadows. The light

echoing a candle’s strength

as we retain the closeness

we’ve always shared, shaped into love


and relinquish those songs

that have been sung

so intensely into our routine. our nerves left

(briefly) as splintered glass.




  1. Wendy,

    I love the images and the tone. The raptor
    and the day is a grand analogy for a steadfast
    and fulfilling love that outshines all the shards
    of splintered glass.

    Thank you,


    I am so very thankful for your return and your ongoing healing..


  2. Dear Sarah and Kerri

    So glad you enjoyed this one!!! Your kind words and insight are deeply appreciated and that bird really did visit our back yard during the first hours of dusk. What a beautiful sight ad something to end a hectic day with a sense of peace and beauty.

    Again, thank you both!
    Take care


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