At creek edge, we lean to see

The emerald-hunter-forest
Green sheening of male

Mallard duck, mildly dipping
Next to his brown-speckled mate.

Red jewels of sycamore buds,
Sensual peel of flesh & bark.

Center-stage sun ignites our flow—

Silver flames of whitest fire
Dancing beyond reason—

Entranced by these elaborate diamonds,
We pull close,

Skin fully permeable
In our soul-shared magic experience.

Stepping out
On our way back I look down & see

The tiniest alpine flowers
No bigger than ear-plugs—

One more gasp
For this sub-set of the truly miraculous.

8 replies on “MAGIC DAY”

Hi Kallie

IT’s so GOOD! to see you here posting on the pub! And this poem is certainly Magic in its language, imagery and theme. I am there in the middle of this joyous scene with nature and its creatures at her best. I love how you bring us close to the minute detail of the scyamore buds, the colors of the forest and birds, and the feeling these details creature. And those last lines are so true and conclude the spellbinding experience of this poem with the perfect observation!

One more gasp
For this sub-set of the truly miraculous.

Thank you!
Hope you are feeling better!
My best


Wendy wqw! thank you for your wonderful & insightful comment–I am honored you took the time to reply so richly/kallie


Dear Kallie,

It feels like Christmas all over again.

How blessed we all are that you are here at the Pub
and have shared a Kallie delight..

“One more gasp
For this sub-set of the truly miraculous.”

That sums it up so loverly!

You’ve made my day.

Thank you!



There is magic in all the beauty around us
and you capture that magic here.

It is amazing how the beauty in the tiny alpine flowers
brings out a big sense of human awe.

Much enjoyed reading this today, Kallie.
So glad to see you here.
Thank you for the sweet card.

Hugs to you.


Hello, Kallie,
Greetings from here to there. I hope you’re feeling much better these days. I enjoyed reading your poetry this morning. It made this coffee twice as nice on this Saturday AM.


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