Vade Mecum

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Looking at the sea, and the shell, I am led to consider the white noise
that so captures the soul at seaside. The seashell further enhances the
mood. I am content with the lines and the peace they bring.

Even so, the title led me to consider a book called The Bible
Student’s Vade-mecum. From the perspective of that old book
this poem is best understood and most loved “in a spirit of prayer”.
I think it is true that “what we believe in makes us Christians
and what we differ in makes us sectarians.”

Doctrine aside, I love the poetry of this poem. It is musical
and evocative and it entices heart and mind to action.

Much enjoyed!



Hi Sarah

Thanks so much for you wonderful and intuitive comments; I so deeply appreciate them. In this case, the “vade mecum” concept is referring to what a writer consults or carries personally, always for guidance and inspiration. Many writers have one or a list of classics they rely on to stimulate their minds, themes etc. But for me, I go back to the literal translation from the Latin, meaning what literally “goes with me” and though I do find inspiration in many poets, classical viewpoints and other volumes on the subject, I am companioned by Awareness at all times. An awareness that becomes a living text of observation and reflection, continually washing up on the moments beach cluttered with stimuli. It does have a spiritual energy of its own and though it maybe latent at times, there is always something in the moment to wake it up. I think I was also personifying it or her as sort of a rebirth of consciousness every time it is summoned and new connections/ revelations are made. Sort of a Bottecelli’s Venus washing up on the shore of the experience or the present moment. Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed the poem and deeply appreciate your input!

Take care,

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