Finding Balance in a Blizzard

You, who’ve searched for home
for so long, wait now
for a clearing.

The sun
is more than just another star,
Every shadow hides an open door.

With the hope of paradise
you search field and room,
looking for the key.

A child with basket in your hand,
you collect every sight,
every sound,

even the half-peeled apple
from the table with the linen cloth
now splotched with dust.

Poet, turn within,
to that small universe of honesty
where balance is found.

Even in the center of so much pain,
there must be sky
there must be ground.


  1. Hello, Sarah,

    from our below-freezing southeast area where there’s usually a mild wintertime. Not right now! Brrrrr, presently it’s 18 degrees here & feels like 11. We have been out of school for 3 days. Surprise! (We had just tried to return from Christmas Break.) This winter storm was not expected to have such strength (ongoing days of duration) nor consequences. We hardly ever have weather like this so the district’s decision to cancel school is for everyone’s safety. Our roads iced over first; then we received what was hoped for—snow. We received about 3 inches here. Snow is so beautiful! I’m mesmerized by it. (Yes, I took pics.) It’s so quiet as it falls & drapes over the landscape. That’s a time when the poetic part of me is mindful.

    I loved reading your poem–your heart’s spill–on this wintry morning. Beautiful poetry.


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  2. Jan,

    I was surprised when I saw that you all were getting snow, and ‘winter weather’.

    I was all set to share. : )

    Thanks so much for sharing this warm spot in this frigid January. It makes the
    sun shine brighter.



  3. Hi Sarah

    So many beautiful and wise lines in this poem about accepting the stability of life, situation and even hope. We must know both sides of life to find the clearing and cope with the circumstances we are given. It is about
    balance and somehow straddling both borders. Yet, the one line that really struck me so deeply was this —

    Every shadow hides an open door.

    And yes, every dark \shadow hides an opening and needs light to have its presence cast. We just need to look beyond the vagueness and search for a slant or crack of illumination, of chance fine even ground. Beautiful work
    as always. The entire poem shines and I thank you for sharing it!

    take care

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  4. Even in the center of so much pain,
    there must be sky
    there must be ground.

    I cannot tell you how much your words say to me.
    Thank you Another day where I need the words
    of others for strength and comfort.


    • Deb,

      Bless you. Your kind words are like sunshine. I know these are painful times.
      Please know that I and all your family at
      the Pub keep you close in thought and
      prayer. No doubt you are near overwhelmed
      but, please, please, be sure to jot down thoughts and feelings. It helps in finding a balance and it serves for inspiration for future writing.



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