No Gift Like It


Decorations are taken down
and packed away until next year.
One large box, the home, remains.
Gifts, people, roam from room to room
inside this extraordinary box, the home.

Sunlight in day and moonlight at night
highlight the present through windows.
This box is tagged as an all-time treasure.
With transparent visibility,
there’s a starlight quality.

Starlight. In sunlight and moonlight.
There’s no place like it.
There’s no gift like it.

H  O  M  E

S  W  E  E  T

H  O  M  E

Even in the cold season it’s warm.


    • Happy New Year to you, Sarah!

      It’s nice to be at home, indoors, too, on a night like this–right now it’s 30 degrees on this last night in December. Here we go—in the last hours learning how to let 2017 go. May the new year bring an abundance—more peace.


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