Old Zang’s Lines

At the ending of the year
when recollections travel far
from present day,
we reminisce.

Time passes fast
and all too soon we see
the gray, those silver strands
that streak the gold

and spider cracks
in wizened hearts. So much
is lost to gravity
and we have used up

all excuses. Still we rise again
and keep the lesson,
freed from inner prisons
by new vision.


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Here we go with another year, another silver strand outlining what’s gold!

    I love your poem.That clever title captures & pulls one right on in. Hello. 🙂

    This resonates with a tug-o’-war feeling we all have at a year’s end–a feeling similar to wrapping up final pages in a book’s last chapter. Recollected events mull around in our hearts/minds & seem to bounce back at us saved to memory’s keeping. We all know, too, that some books (& some years) are just precious to us. Some? Well, well, well, we review the events, emotions, & effects/affects, & we become interested in seeing a renewed season. Aging? Oh, gravity! Oh, aging, what a process! Silver lines appear outlining the gold…Hmm…I like to think of that silver as a beautiful, artistic accent. We love that silver line on clouds, eh?

    Your poem delivers well to your readers, Sarah. It reminds me to “let it be & let it go”—a constant tug-o’-war daily lesson humans have to deal with in every season. There is no manual to teach us how to adapt to all the changes. We just have to trust as we go and hold on (& let go) to what we know. (How? Where is that manual?) Your poem has partnered with my coffee in a great way this AM. Thank you. That title is clever, indeed!

    Happy New Year to you, dear friend. BTW, where, oh, where, is Rich?


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  2. Jan,

    Your reply is a true treasure and reason enough to keep on keepin’ on.

    Your comments are so in tune with my thought process!

    About our dear friend Rich. I made several attempts to contact him via email
    and no replies. I, as do we all, miss him something fierce. I keep hoping that
    he’ll show up.

    Happy New Year to you and yours. You are so very dear to me.


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  3. Yes, all to soon we see the gray and the spider cracks
    from years of living.
    Still we rise, physically (daily) and metaphorically,
    recovering from the pain in life
    which can be like a prison.
    The new vision is part of the key.

    Much enjoyed reading.

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  4. Craig,

    Happy New Year to you.
    I hope one of your New Years resolutions is to spend more time at the Pub.

    So good to hear from you. Long live those Maryland roots!

    My thanks to you for the joy of your writing and the joy of your friendship.



  5. Dear Sarah

    This is beautiful. Indeed may we all be “freed from inner prisons / by new vision.”

    Warmest best wishes always to you and your most generous poetic soul,



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