First Snow (for Taylor)

We step over burgundy oak leaves
breathe sky through bare branches
and gather pine cones for your basket.

You say you smell snow.
I smile, amused.

We’ve always been amazed by the way
you smell rain before it comes.
Through Cities and layers of sky
you tilt your tiny nose to the heavens
and nod with that knowing way.

I think of you as a baby, that day
you came into our world.
The white fell in big flakes
on my face, smelled like new, like you
falling into my life.

5 replies on “First Snow (for Taylor)”

Dear Kerri,

I read your beautiful poem and envision the mystery & magical appeal of snowflakes falling all around. We, families in the southeast, clear every grocery-store shelf of bread & milk, upon the mention of snowfall forecast in our area. 🙂 We celebrate the snow-day occasion most of the time, definitely if a school-day schedule is interrupted and icy-road conditions are not involved.

Your ability to tag emotion in the moment is clear in this poem—especially a moment tied to family & family love. The impact is delicate like that fragile snowflake. Enjoyed fully. Take care, my writing friend.



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