Wendy needs your prayers

I heard from Wendy just a few moments ago.  She has fallen and cracked her knee cap.
She is badly bruised and has a lateral crack on the kneecap. At first, they thought it would heal on its own provided the bones did not move and misalign. Now a week later, she saw the orthopedic surgeon again and he says she needs surgery to stabilize the kneecap because the bones moved. They want to insert pins into the area. She has another consultation next week as pre-op to the surgery. She is seeking a second opinion. She also sprained her right arm and has bruises all over it.

Please remember her in your prayers and send your very best vibes her way.



  1. Thank you for letting us know Sarah.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Wendy. Please wish her a full and speedy recovery on my behalf
    and keep us updated.

    Best regards,


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  2. thank you everyone from deepest center of myheart. typing with left hand so excuse the mistakes. saw 2nd surgeon today, much mor thorouhgh kinder than first. he examined xrays and knee, concludes sugery not needed. just 8 wks in brace, cane and lots of rest followed by therapy after. again my heartfelt thanks an so much love to all of you. time on pc limited. can view but not really type. next exam with new doc in two wks. hope knee will heal well.

    i’11 be in touch
    love you all


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