For Willow

I wrote this in time for the
Second birthday since you went away
But could not bring myself to post it.
The void you left is still there,
Though I know you must be busy
Painting murals in the sky,
All the colors of creation at your disposal.
Still I could not let the day go by
Without saying that I miss you…
Happy birthday dear friend.


  1. Maryse,

    I could never remember if his birthday was the 28th or the 29th.

    Actually, it was both I suppose, because of the 13 hour time difference from Thailand to here.

    Your poem is a gift that is sure to have him smiling. Thank you for sharing it. It is lovely in
    every sense.



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  2. Reading this, I can feel the void,
    that missing when one thinks of a dear friend with affection.

    Much enjoyed.
    Hugs to you.



  3. Maryse it has been a long time since I have been here.. My heart is filled with sadness when I see that Willow is not here as well as many other fine poets..
    Sending love and BLESSINGS


  4. Thank you Deb. Lovely to see you. Willow’s passing was a shock to us all. He is deeply missed and warmly remembered.




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