1. Sarah, This is charming and quite beautifully written. The whole poem flows without pause from first line to last.

    I find the joy of life mixed in equal with the sadness of loss in this gentle poem; and perhaps as well, the knowing that what is now just a memory, will in time once more become a reality.


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    • Hiya Pam,

      I won’t mention to anyone else that I held you hostage until you said you liked my poem. : )

      Seriously, thank you! If you spend just 15 minutes a day on the site, you’ll be caught up in
      no time at all. (Ok, I’m ducking!)

      Looking forward to more Pamela poems very soon. (ok, I’m ducking again.)



  2. Hi Sarah

    What a beautiful poem! I love how the thought process flows in this piece. As the “dew frosts the lawn” becomes like a veil of poignancy that is absorbed by both the landscape and the human mind. The ordinary talk melts into a traffic of memory, traveling to old places and the countenances of people the narrator has known and cherished. “The sky indeed becomes an ocean “of voices, smiles, thoughts that makes the “day a sigh”. This has a bittersweet echo that haunts the reader beyond the first reader and lingers like the refrain of a beloved melody. Such fine writing!

    Thank you,

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  3. Wendy,

    Thank you! Your kind heart and keen insight is a special reward.

    Your comment means the world to me. BTW…I absolutely love
    Raven in a Field.. Top shelf all the way!



  4. The write leaves me with a little sadness that is a part of living
    and yet the hope comes through, and the memories
    that can never be taken away.

    Much enjoyed.

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