Ice Art in the Swamp- slideshow

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  1. Ptc,
    How special is this? So Very Clever To View! I have played, replayed, & enjoyed viewing several times. The ice-art concept itself is mesmerizing to even think about. Wow. Now to view it in a slideshow? It feels magical, mystical, & reminds us of some sort of fairyland right there in your Mingo Woods. You are a lucky one. We, readers/onlookers, are lucky, too, to share such fantastic experiences through your exceptional writing/artwork. Thank you, dear Ptc.


  2. hi Ptc

    I can only say Absolutely BREATHTAKING! These are truly incredible and I hope you do in some way publish them in some form. They should be shared with a wide audience. Thank you so much for sharing them with us, I am haunted by the variance and beauty of each sculpture!

    Take care


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