1. Good morning, Douglas,

    Once you turn on the TV or read the newspaper ‘right twice a day’ is almost a miracle.

    So good to see your smile this fine November morning.

    Thanks for taking time with my broken clock.



  2. A gentle remembering of the past
    which is symbolized by the clock that doesn’t work anymore.

    I smiled at the twice a day line.
    There is still some consistency in life with the memories
    amid the unsure future.

    much enjoyed.

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    • Many thanks, Kerri,

      Top of the morning to you! For this hour of this Friday after Thanksgiving, it seems Spring made an appearance. The sun is shining brilliantly, the cat is asleep in the window, and the just right hazelnut steam is curling towards heaven.

      Have a beautiful day.



  3. Hi Sarah

    “The temple of stilled time” what a gorgeous title followed by a wonderful poem. There is a spiritual aspect in time that becomes still, quiet. The old clock is the guardian of what we knew and now remember. It marks what what we cherish and what enriched us. Love the entire poem but these lines haunt me

    it reminds of times
    grown hazy as the faces
    in those faded photographs.

    Kaleidoscopic moments
    shimmer like smiles.
    Dried twigs bloom again.
    The legacy lives.

    Yes, the legacy lives indeed, defines what and who we were and have now become because of those experiences and moments that forged us.

    Thank you for this,
    loved it!


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