Simplest Pleasures


How can it be
that time spent
with a pre-dawn
cup of coffee
means so much?

simplest pleasures
in the everyday
deliver treasures
every day.

Humans love  
to love what
they love.

It’s simple,
not complex.
Right, Love?


  1. Jan,

    You warm us through and through with the serenity of your lovely words.
    Impossible to read your poem without feeling the peace and joy interwoven

    I raise my cup to your and yours. This poem is so fitting for the day before
    Thanksgiving (or any day). I count it, as well as your poetry and your presence
    among the beauty of my day.

    May you and your family and loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving
    with blessings that fill all your days.



  2. we do indeed “love to love what we love” and often there is no explanation for it being so. Coffee before dawn though can be easily understood as a special time. The French have a phrase for it that translates as, “the heart has reasons that reason alone can not understand”, or there abouts.
    I have used it many times when even I can’t understand why I love what I love.
    your poem invokes that peaceful moment then drops a zinger in the tail.
    It’s simple,
    not complex.
    Right, Love?
    very well done


  3. Some of the smallest things (to some they are small)
    in life bring us the greatest joy,
    and some food for the spirit.

    Enjoyed reading this morning.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jan!


  4. Enjoyed reading it and the comments, especially Ely’s “zinger in the tail.” I agree. You DO have a way with words. Makes a tired heart glad enough to get up and make a special coffee.


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