In essence

Though your voice is paper
and your scent is leather,
to call you silence is paradox.

You have touched the globes of grapes
and tasted wine, and even that,
a silent act, has sound.

You are more than cliché, more
than stone, more than slow erosion;
you are the moon, motionless
in constant motion.

You are palpable and parallel,
you are pulchritude and wisdom;
monarch of this kingdom,
you are a poem.


  1. Before I even got to the end of the poem,
    the first two lines made me think of an old book,
    the way you hold it close and it almost feels alive
    in your hands with the stories inside, the way it effects
    your senses.

    I just love:

    “A silent act has sound”

    How wonderful is that line.
    It applies to so many things in life.

    The palpable and parallel
    brought to mind things you can touch, feelings so strong
    it almost feels like you can touch them.
    And the parallel or untouchable,
    yet one knows it is there through our instinct,
    our faith/belief that there are far more planes in this world
    than what we can touch. They are always parallel to us.

    Very much enjoyed reading, Dear Sarah.

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    • Dear Kerri,

      I replied to your most appreciated comment and I see that my reply has disappeared into thin air.

      Thank you for seeing and feeling this poem. I love old books, most especially old poetry books.
      You got it and it makes me so glad I posted it.

      Thank you for being here, for the wonderful poem that you posted, for the response to my poem.

      Many blessings to you and yours.



  2. Hi Sarah

    First of all, I dearly love this poem — and like Kerri, I am thinking you might be addressing an old book with all the flavor, dignity and worn beauty that goes with it. I love how you address the spirit of this object or whatever it may be. I am , for the sake, of my interpretation assume It is a book. And yes, like the moon, the book is in constant motion, its story or theme is the gravity that pulls the tides of imagination and wonder.

    You are more than cliché, more
    than stone, more than slow erosion;
    you are the moon, motionless
    in constant motion.

    Every stanza has a power unto itself; and I am drawn in with wonder and delight in reading this poem. Thank you so much for sharing it!

    My Best

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    • Thank you, Wendy,

      It was born out of the sense of awe I get when I hold an old book in my hands,
      make it a an old poetry book, and I am indeed in my bliss.

      It means the world to me that it struck a chord with you.

      Many, many thanks for your time with my work, and for the wonderful work that you share.

      Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving Day, and all your days, bring you peace and poetry,
      and many blessings.



  3. Sarah, right away, I felt at home with the poem and glad you saved the word until the last. My favorite words: “you are the moon, motionless
    in constant motion.” I love when a writer sends me to a dictionary. “Pulchritude” was new to me. Thank you.

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  4. Ptc,

    A creative writing professor once said that if ever again I used ‘pulchritude’ in a paper for his class
    he would flunk me. Since that time I have used the word with a certain glee, even though
    the opportunities are few. Thank you so much for your response!!



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