for eleven months through
winter’s soft-fallen snow,
spring’s promising garden row,
and summer’s lush-green lawn.
Like a dancer in time, gratitude
moves magnificently through
this constancy of seasonal change.

In late November when
the world looks golden,
autumn’s peak arrives—
dipping temps finally settle,
a sweater can be worn all day now.
There’s more of a guaranteed view
as increasingly-graying skies
drape above all in cooler days.

stands quietly with grace,
with honor for solitude’s silence.

Changing tree leaves
brushed in gemstone hues
wave as flags signaling
the simplest truth,
Thanksgiving’s treasure,
celebrated daily in the heart’s landscape.

This season gives us the gold. Gratitude,



  1. Jan,

    Beautiful attitude, beautiful poetry!

    Having skipped church and slept to almost noon,
    your poem resets my focus to the things that make
    life better, to the blessings that embrace us. Thank

    On another note, I believe you had a birthday…maybe
    Friday (?). Not sure…but I remember one year I put
    the birthday banner up for you on the wrong date. Somewhere
    in the back of this foggy mind, it seems like I put it up on the
    14th and the birthday wasn’t until the 17th. Am I close?
    Anyway, I hope your day was joy filled. I hope you were properly
    pampered and feted to the nines. Happy Birthday!



    • Hello Sarah! Thanks for visiting here today. Yes, my birthday was Friday, the 17th. I was showered with well-wishes all through a gorgeous day filled with sunshine. I did work so I was busy with 20 kiddos during the day. I enjoyed an evening birthday meal with B. at a favorite restaurant, received flowers, cards, calls, texts, & emails throughout the day, got multiple messages from 2nd graders in class, & shared a student’s gift with all my students (cupcakes for everyone) in the last minutes of the school day. Students sang & shared their joy. I received a lovely necklace from B.—its multi-faceted light blue stone glistens. As you see, it was a lovely day. I am blessed.

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