It seems like only yesterday

An old man passed me in the high street,
he was uneven in both gait and expression.
I gazed steadfastly at the dress in the window,
guiltily unwilling to add a further burden
to an already overburdened there and now.

The price to pay seemed reasonable,
and I thought that perhaps some childish
hour had come again; a young girl poised
on the cusp, but I could sense a hesitation
behind me as desire vied with compassion.

It darkened then, a typically November
caprice, and instantly the price tag
became as though it had no principle at all.
So I turned, but just a little too late;
He was gone, leaving an imprint that
will remain as indelible as his winter.

Rebecca Jane Munday. November 2017

4 replies on “It seems like only yesterday”


This one grabs the heart.

“So I turned, but just a little too late;
He was gone, leaving an imprint that
will remain as indelible as his winter”

Poetry that lives and breathes. Understated
and all the more powerful for it. Those dynamic
lines are now in our Bon Mots II.

The compassion of the speaker rings through
the humanness of hesitation. Definitely a poem
for all seasons and particularly for the upcoming

Always great to read your work.



Hi Sarah. Beccy wrote this today, she was in town with my son NIck and his girlfriend, they’d taken her shopping. She already had most of the words scribbled down when Nick dropped her off to see Charlie, and as soon as she got in the house she headed straight for the computer. She said she just felt the old man was sad, but couldn’t really say why.

I’d like her to write more,but it is very rare that she will just randomly write a poem, she almost always needs a trigger.



She has a real talent. Those last lines go straight to the heart.
It is clear your daughter is a compassionate person and it is
clear she has been blessed with the Munday poetry gene.

Thanks for putting her work up so we can read it.



She’s staying with us tonight. I’m burning the midnight oil as usual, but she and Charlie are long gone to the land of nod. She doesn’t know I’ve posted her poem yet, it will be a nice surprise for her in the morning.

I was wondering earlier if you’d hear from Rich at all? I miss his writing.


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