The C. Word

I bought clementines today

In the five pound crate.

For me it is a sure sign of the C. Word.

Outdoor pots arranged with pine

And cedar and white washed cones

Proliferate in gaudy golden bows.

These too are true harbingers.

Boxes of amaryllis and paper whites

Stand ready for the gift buying rush.

It is November 6th I want to scream

Too soon, much too soon.

Could we please wait and “Remember”.

4 replies on “The C. Word”


I love clementines. It’s 5:30 in the a.m and you have my mouth watering.

The season is upon us. Too commercialized, but we need those good spirits
that accompany it. In the midst of so much suffering, the peace and joy of
Christmas beckons like that star. Your poem awakens the good feelings
and reminds us gently of the reason for the season.

Thank you!



Just as bad are the TV ads already filling the screens exhorting us to buy next summer’s holiday. The whole planet now seems to have become an unstoppable consumer hamster wheel.

‘Stop the world I want to get off,’ never a truer word spoken.



I know that retailers have to make their sales but could we please wait until after Nov.11th at the eleventh hour when we remember the loss of lives and years of service in wars all over the globe.
Thank you both for reading this and commenting. Less a poem and more a rant.


Hi Ely

I love the way you use sensory details in this piece regarding the “oranges, boxes of amaryllis and paper whites “etc. But what I could personally relate to — was the last few lines. It is only November and we need time to still celebrate the rest of Autumn and the harvest. The spirit of the holidays is wonderful and all that goes with it but their is also the sweet, spiritual side of late Autumn and Thanksgiving. Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it — the writing and the message!

Take care


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