On A Somber Morning

somber morning

Widespread in their blue plumage

clouds gather on the mountain

and the sun wavers between

flashing its pale fins

at random.


The heron in me

wants to stoop then lift

into the lovely cold

and join that flock catching

                  His spirit


as it surfaces along the first.

hours of Winter, the leafless

tree line.


  1. I don’t know if it is somber. There is a joy in the expectation of the “lovely cold”. Perhaps it is just my love of mist and twilight that sees this joy.
    much enjoyed this poem.


  2. Wendy,

    I can see that heron soaring along the leafless treeline.
    I can feel the human spirit seeking such grace. These
    quiet words that you have penned lead the reader into
    the light. Uplifting and lovely, your poem is a beacon to
    those who seek peace and poetry.

    Thank you!



  3. Hi Ely

    Yes, you’re right on target when you assume there is an expectation of quiet joy in this poem and I deeply appreciate your lovely comment and thoughts! The title refers more to the emotional state of the morning on behalf of the narrator rather than the atmospheric one provided by nature. This was written after the horrible church shooting in Sutherland Springs Texas. And on a morning when there seems such dread and sorrow, the sky and the light provide a sense of peace and a beginning of a new day among other things. Again, Thank you!

    Hi Sarah

    Love, love the way you summarize the gist of this poem! Your words are so lovely and I deeply appreciate them. I actually saw that scene yesterday morning while riding to the mall at 7:15 or so am. Jim and I go there for a health walk, they open the doors early so people can walk around the mall for exercise and avoid the chill outside. And yes, I saw that sky, the mountains, the sun swimming between and felt the heron in me wanting to rise. The blue heron has always been one of my favorite birds and a personal totem. He always visited the pond on our property in New York State in the late Spring through early Autumn. He seemed to be there like a guardian and friend. Again thank you!!

    Hi Craig

    So glad you liked the poem and really appreciate your stopping by to read and share your thoughts. The Heron is a beautiful creature and , for me, one of diverse inspiration. Thank you for seeing that!

    My best to everyone,
    take care


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