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In This Stall (Horse Poem #1)

Note: This was written by a younger me–in 2003. I laugh now while rereading it, & you may, too. Hmm, I must’ve been pretty irritated about some lil’ life event, probably a very trivial thing (life irritant) at the time. I do believe the poem vented everything I needed to vent. Poems (the writing) can do that for us — take us through the emotional twists & turns. Yet, we can move on without ever really saying a word. This one speaks in a stallion’s stance I do believe. haha And I share the only horse picture I have. (As I glance at that image, oh, there’s another poem a-stirrin’.)

In This Stall (Horse Poem #1)

* an oldie from ’03, nothing significant by the way, just a zany write*

In this stall,
I can stamp my feet,
bulge my eyes,
shake my upper lip,
display my nasty teeth,
stand on my hind legs,
even bang my front hooves
against the wall.
I can tilt my head back,
whinny as loudly as I possibly can
to wide open skies.
I can wildly swish my tail,
not just rearrangin’ flies,
but tossin’ these troubles
far, far, far away.

I recall
I used to behave
in such a calm way;
obedience was my forte’.

Well, now I am a horse of a different color,
color you’ve never seen!
I know you’re thinkin’-
How can this be? She was so nice;
now she’s so mean?”

When this tantrum’s over,
when troubles are thrown away,
I’ll be a better horse, of course.
That is,
if the walls
are still standin’
in this stall.

I know there’ll be
a better day.
That’s it; that’s all.

Why are you steppin’
away from me, huh?


6 replies on “In This Stall (Horse Poem #1)”

Thank you, Lynne, for your comments. I did write a second one during this time frame about this same horse. Happy that you appreciate this ol’ poem.


Oh, Sarah! Are you laughing with this one? I am. I’m trying to recall what stirred this particular poem. Hmmm, I’m not sure; however, I must’ve been pretty annoyed to get these words to express like this.
Thank you for reading & commenting. There is a second one — Horse Poem #2. I may post that one another day.


Enjoyed this joyful write, Jan.

Love where the horse is not just swatting flies,
but tossing troubles far away.
Wish humans could toss troubles so easily! :0)

Take care,


Thanks for reading & commenting, Kerri. This ol’ horse in this poem had had enough–just had to go tantrum-style for a short while. 🙂 Glad you found a favored part in this.


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