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Sunday Morning Solitude

Early morning breezes
feel mountain-made
weaving through
front porch railings.

‘Tis the kind of morning
to close eyes in while leaning
Heavenward on tiptoes.
Inhaling slowly, deeply,
I almost lose my balance.

Crisp, clean air rushes around
in time’s seasonal exchange,
fills me all the way down the body,
all the way down to shy, bare feet.

Porch corner’s Tea Olive scents 
playfully rise and fall
with the wind’s swift currents
tossing exotic perfume
like confetti in moving air.

These sugar-cookie essences
catch their quick ride
on ever-gentle gusts
as the new season’s
wind-whispered greetings

A welcoming spirit stills,
rushes, then hushes me.
I receive the glorious gift –
purest peace and harmony
of Sunday morning solitude.

6 replies on “Sunday Morning Solitude”

I love “leaning Heavenward on tiptoes’ /the ‘mountain-made’ breezes and herbal scent/your tender poem reflects your
gratitude and makes me want to sing/==kallie

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Hi Kallie,
You’ve selected a key phrase in this poem which welcomes the summer-to-autumn seasonal switch. How we recall autumn’s first brisk breezes which whip around in those first early days of the real transition–when fall settles in for more than the AM hours. We grab the sweaters for most of the whole day then. Around here we have mild temps these days; as the cooler breezes move in, we get quite excited to move into “real” fall weather. Thanks for reading & leaving encouraging comments.
Take care.


“I receive the glorious gift –
purest peace and harmony
of Sunday morning solitude.”


Not only do you receive that glorious gift,
you share it with this poem. I love
“leaning Heavenward”. (both the phrase
and the action).

Thank you for the gentle bliss you lead
the reader to.


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Hello Sarah,
You’ve selected a special phrase in this. Thank you for stopping by to read & comment. Enjoy your autumn times. It’s such a lovely season.


Jan, reading your poetry is always a gift to myself. Your words, like your new fall breeze, are a breath of fresh air. I, too, like the “leaning heavenward.” Ptc

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Your visits are gifts to readers. I enjoy reading your writings & viewing your photos, too. You’re quite talented. I keep looking for a new Ptc poem on the blog. You must be busy with living life through other creative ways these days. Take care. I have to smile to see everyone liking “leaning heavenward”…that’s leaning up ya know. Smile.


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