Autumn’s Other Half

autumns other half

You follow me

in your jacket of mist;

pensive as a tree or street lamp.

Your hand carries

the wind’s letter scented

with rain and light smoke.


I want to turn around

and embrace this other side of you –

the lover haunted


by wet cobblestones, twigs scattered

like burnt matchsticks

that once ignited a courtyard

with golden leaves;


and fountain water –- so cool, clear

it echoes what we see

and failed to perceive.


  1. Wendy,

    I so much enjoy the way you personified Autumn. It is raining here and you have
    turned dreary to mystical.

    “the wind’s letter scented

    with rain and light smoke.” All the senses are engaged.

    “it echoes what we see

    and failed to perceive”

    Yes! It does. You have a way of showing the reader new visions.

    The picture is the perfect partner for the poem. They work their magic.



  2. Thanks so much Sarah

    I deeply appreciate your kind words and appreciation of this poem! That means a great deal to me and I think each phase of Autumn is beautiful in its own way. Both the first part that is all flame and light and then the second where the woods become stark and the mist winds around them in the morning with an eerie but almost familiar dampness. Anyway, so glad this poem worked!

    Many thanks,


  3. Wendy, to me, this not just a poem about autumn, it is a capture of the essence of poetry, that ability you have to transform a transient thought into magic. Always you amaze, always you captivate.



  4. Hi Douglaus

    You are so very generous and gracious in your view of my poem and I am sincerely touched by your words and thoughts. Thank you so much!! Autumn is my favorite season and the latter part, haunts with a poignant intensity that both haunts and fascinates me. This poem sprung somewhere from those feelings and impressions.

    Again, thank you!
    My Best


  5. hi wendy–I loved this slender poem it gave me sweet chills down my spine. mist cobblestones yes that ‘familiar dampness’ you are so exquisitely painterly so soft a mood yet so compelling–kallie


  6. Hi Kallie

    So glad you enjoyed this; and deeply appreciate your gracious comment letting me know how this poem made you feel!! That means a lot to me as a writer.

    My Best


  7. Wendy, I love the whole of autumn and the way you cause the reader to see all aspects if it. I love taking a walk in the cool, damp rain of autumn. . It always causes me to pause, reflect on moments of the past.


  8. Hi Dee

    So glad you enjoyed the gist or ambience of this poem!! I really appreciate your lovely comment. There is something bittersweet, haunting about the Autumn rain and mist. I know what you mean when you say it causes you to pause and reflect. Same here!

    Thanks so much,


  9. Dear Wendy

    What a stunning image:

    “like burnt matchsticks / that once ignited a courtyard / with golden leaves”

    This is quite haunting all the way through.

    Best wishes always,



  10. Hi Mark

    It’s good to know that image worked; and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this poem!

    Thank you!


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