Autumn Winds

Leaves like fans in a stadium
rise and fall clapping wildly.
Limbs lift as waves in a crowd.

Sporting orange and yellow jackets,
seasonal tree dressers flippantly flap
raising bold banners skyward.

High winds declare victory,
the winning weather for this
brand new day in autumn.


  1. Jan,

    You capture this grand season so vividly.
    You share its energy and its magic.
    Football (or baseball) and falling leaves and the remembered
    scents and sounds. Your bring them into my mind and I thank you!


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  2. Hi Jan

    Love the sports analogy in this poem and how you allow the reader to feel the brisk clap of leaves, the flash of colors and the overall energy of these “Autumn Winds” It’s definitely a time to gather, celebrate and cheer on the season. Thank you for sharing this!

    Take care

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wendy,

      You write beautifully–even your replies are fashionably-designed. I appreciate your time here & thoughts you’ve left with me. Take care. Enjoy October.



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