Challenge poetry Short forms

10 words

these words are taken from page 40 of “Never Let Me GO” by Kazuo Ishiguro and serve as a prompt to create either poetry or prose.
odd, could, person, full, door, narrowed, enough, ever, thing, walked

Odd enough
That a person
Could have walked away
From a life full to the brim.
But to have narrowed
Their mind and
Closed the door on love
Is a thing
I can never understand.
I will ever choose
The wind and rain
over days becalmed
in a stagnant pond
The pain of loss over never having loved


I would like it so much if some of you discovered what you would do with these words.

5 replies on “10 words”


I’m off to an appointment. I love this…Will find a picture for it and will copy it to a page
this evening.

I will also use the ten words in a poem but it will probably be tomorrow before I get to that.

Thank you so much!

“I will ever choose
The wind and rain
over days becalmed
in a stagnant pond”

Words to live by!!





Please forgive me. I responded to this challenge and then in a moment of ‘Je ne sais pas’
I posted it on my personal blog instead of here. My intent was to post it on both blogs, so as
to invite more people to take part.

Anyway, I accept the flogging that I’m due as I post my reply:



Odd that a person
could stumble full circle
back to a door
they hadn’t seen
first time around

The passage narrowed now
but still wide enough
to give us room
to choose

Ever babes, we wobble
Each bruise a learning thing
until suddenly we discover
instead of crawling
we walk on steady feet
with purpose sure.

here is a link to the post:


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