The Incentive For Art,How Erui Intervened

incentive for art2

The Incentive For Art, How Ériu Intervened

Natural forces and human forces have intertwined…

                                                                  Paul Crutzen

They did not know her yet

or call her by a name. She appeared

in spirit — as dew or mist

over the bog and let her dampness

settle longer on relics


she wanted them to see,

their hands to rub and revere:


a clam shell in rock, leaf stain on timber

or bird skull in the grass

bleached and blown on by the wind

like a sacred whistle. Its sound


heard differently

by each one, depending on what

he thought or felt. They did not grasp


the concept of goddess, how the field

was her body incarnate, bodiced in moss

with handfuls of cotton

unspun and raveling


like the softer instincts

they would process and put to use, a thirst

for beauty —


greening in the land

and the way they shaped or spared it

crafting their tools.


_Note  —Eriu” was the mother goddess of Ireland  Her name descends from the old word for “land”; and myth distinctly mentions how her body is that country’s earth and how her spirit breathes in every growing thing and all elements that shape the terrain. Even perhaps, providing inspiration for primitive art among hunters and gatherers centuries ago.________________________________________


3 replies on “The Incentive For Art,How Erui Intervened”

” bodiced in moss

with handfuls of cotton

unspun and raveling

like the softer instincts”


Not only did I get a great visual, I absorbed the atmosphere of the poem
through those words. Lovely magic to these lines.

Your work always transports.

Thank you!



Especially love these lines:

“Its sound heard differently
by each one, depending on what
he thought or felt.”

Brought to mind spiritual things, also of the different arts
and poetry; What we need and receive from spirituality,
from art.

Much enjoyed.


Hi Kerri

I love your perspective here, how objects of art and certain tools often reflect our sense of humanity and spiritual need to connect and create. This poem was inspired by an article on a similar theme. The essay explained how archeologists found a mollusk shell deliberately left in an ancient spear head. They extrapolated from this that early man carved around the fossil to create his tool because he had an intrinsic need to ornament his work or a need to honor beauty’s natural art. here’s the link if you are interested or would like to read it —

Again thank you for your wonderful comment and perspective.
Always appreciate it!

Take care


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