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Momma’s Taking Jesus To Nicaragua

A hundred little girl dresses sewn from pillow cases

Fifty pairs of little boy britches

A dozen witnessing dolls, all packed in her suitcase.


Emily at eighty-six left six of her seven children

Their spouses, children, grandchildren (even great-)

To fly with one son and a group of friends  

Who will sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” 

Quote John 3:16 before a translator

And pray God save the world.

The day before she left, Momma told me a story.


“When I was sixteen, God was guiding me to be a missionary.

But your daddy, who was nineteen, wanted to get married.

I didn’t want to get married, but when he fell off the roof

of the house he was working on, the doctor at the hospital

said if I loved him, I’d better marry him.

His mother told me if I didn’t marry him and he died,

I’d go to hell.”


They were married fifty-seven years and had seven children

before he died at seventy-six.

After he died she went to the cemetery and told him,


“Minton, I married you and learned to love you and had

seven children for you. Now that you have left me, and all

the children are married with families of their own, I have

to be independent. I’m going to live my life until I die.”


She tells this story to her children and all of her friends

and cousins whose husbands have died

and they can’t seem to get over the grief.

“You have your own life to live now,” she says.

Then she updates her passport,

buys her ticket to Nicaragua,

and makes gifts to give to children in the name of Jesus. Amen.



5 replies on “Momma’s Taking Jesus To Nicaragua”


One complaint…it’s hard to see this one through the tears. What a beautiful life!
What a beautiful person. (the mother and the poet who wrote this) It helps that
you have such a lovely subject, but I have noted you have the grandest way with
words. You and your family are blessed indeed!


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Amen and Amen again. Her story, indeed, is amazing! Your writing of her story is just as amazing. This one tugs at the heart as readers see what struggles there can be in living out choices– in this case to marry at an early age instead of pursuing other dreams. Yet, the other dream to be a missionary did eventually happen. This lady’s strength is phenomenal, & her personal commitment to persevere with faithfulness is true to a missionary’s daily call. This is beautifully scribed. There are towers of strength in this world. This lady is one of them. Amen & Amen again.


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