1. Beautiful Sarah!

    I like the way you describe the essence of this enticing perfume. Especially here —

    explore the senses
    no melting star
    this essence of excitement
    that lingers softly
    like whisperings
    of night

    There is a subtle sense of burning in those words and the passionate it evokes is in the lingering, the whispering of spice and spirit.

    Lovely stuff!
    thanks for sharing,
    my best always

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  2. Sarah, the photo and the words could easily sell this product. Who could know it is imaginings? The “shards of scent” pierce the senses, making it seem real. I like it.

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      • Interestingly, Sarah, I do make my own perfume from nine essential oils that are either “woodsy, calming, or restorative.” It is called “A Walk in the Forest.” Send me an address to my Email and I will send you a sample. I am happy to spend some time here tonight. I have missed it. Other dragons nipping at my heels. ptc

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  3. Sarah,

    Shall I Google this perfume? *Wink* I enjoyed reading your evocative poem. It seems we could lean toward your image & get a sensory boost. Your poem makes me imagine. I can almost smell it.



    • Jan,

      I didn’t think of that. I wonder if there is a ‘flaming ice’ perfume in this world.

      You know I had to go check…

      I found a Bistro by that name (almost)

      Funny thing is, it is only about an hour from where I live.

      “The Flaming Ice Cube Bistro & Boutique is located in Boardman, Ohio. A unique combination of vegan bistro and knitting and gift boutique.”

      I think I will take a drive one of these days just to check it out.

      Many thanks for taking time with my ‘new perfume’ and for the fun!


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