Good Morning

In the early morning,
my outstretched arm
relaxes in the crisp coolness
of the underside of my
soft, cottony pillowcase.

With closed eyelids,
I sigh deeply
noticing nighttime’s
final departure.

Faintly aware
of daybreak’s arrival,
I snuggle in 
sweet slumber’s
fleeting seconds.
I realize
with the passing
of peaceful,
morning moments,
the busy day
soon beckons.

Outside my window,
a loud mockingbird sings
his bold morning melody.
In a half-sleepy state,
with eyes remaining closed,
I cling to the dream
of humming along.

You tiptoe back
into our room,
lightly lift soft sheets
over my exposed toes.

You ease light covers
around my shoulder.
Leaning near,
you tenderly plant
a quiet kiss
on my cheek.

As you step out,
I feel intense stirring
of the new day.
I’m fully awakened now
by my heart’s sweet song.

One comment

  1. Jan,

    This is as gentle as a new day and so very tender.
    I think of all the ‘good’ words’ … lovely, loving, soothing,
    serene, peaceful… already I am strengthened just by
    the reading. If everybody’s day began like this, I think there
    would be no war! You and yours are amply blessed.

    Kudos to you!



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