Photography poetry

Nighttime Painter


Adjusting his prismatic palette

while stepping in a leaf-covered studio,

the nighttime painter quietly creeps

through yards, front and back,

planning tree shading and outlines.


He splashes more color-

brighter oranges, burgundies,

yellows, and browns,

darker blends,

deeper hues,


then steps away

squints at the view

before the great spotlight

highlights new designs

in sparkling dew.


We wake,

walk outside,



at a wall-less gallery.



3 replies on “Nighttime Painter”


I love that ‘prismatic palette’.
It’s a beautiful sight you’ve painted with your pen.
You are a talented lady, and in this one you
fete my favorite season. It is for sure I’m captivated.
A favorite!




Thank you for sharing that you enjoy this one. Autumn is a favorite season for me, too. It woos my poetic side. Sometimes in autumn poems wake me & ask me to share. Smile.


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